Five Reasons to Have Your HVAC Checked to Prepare for the Heat

It’s no mystery that things are about to heat up as we move through spring and towards the summer months. Hopefully you’re excited for the heat and all of the fun that the summer can bring, but it’s important to be mindful of how prepared you are to protect your comfort level at home as the sun beats down.

The Top Five Reasons You’ll Love In-Floor Heating

If you’re colder than Jack Frost these days (we don’t think we need to remind you it’s only February…) you may be wondering how you can warm up.

There is another option you might not have considered before: radiant floor heating. Read on to see what you — and your feet — are missing. If you choose to install it, you’ll wonder how the heck you ever lived in Canada without it.

The Heat is On

Here in Canada, we’re renowned for our affable people, love of hockey, amazing maple syrup and last — but most certainly not least — our brutally cold and unforgiving winters.

Staying warm while the snow flies has become a national pastime whether we want to admit it or not, but finding a furnace that’s up to the task and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to operate doesn’t have to be impossible.

Fight the Chill

Preventing Heat Loss in Your Home

When it’s too cold for Canadians to do anything other than complain about the temperature outside, preventing heat loss becomes a top priority. Here are four reliable tricks to keep the heat where it belongs…inside.

Feeling a Draft? Check for Air Leakage

According to Natural Resources Canada, windows and doors can account for up to 25 per cent of total house heat loss. That’s pretty significant, right?

The Future of Home Heating and Cooling is Upon Us

Designed to help homeowners save on their heating and cooling costs, the ecobee3 lite touts itself as a way for people to “live better and save more.”

Compatible with most residential heating and cooling systems, the system does just that – and much more.

Offering Android and iOS users total control at their fingertips, the ENERGY STAR certified, Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat promises an average savings of around 23 per cent annually by using local weather to take the least amount of time to heat or cool your home.

Energy Management and Ventilation Systems for Commercial Buildings

If you own a commercial building, you’ve probably experienced more than a few headaches over the rising energy costs these days. We have to say: we don’t blame you!

There is good news, though. According to the Government of Canada, today’s energy management systems make it possible not only to save money (which we all want more of, right?), but also improve the operating performance of your building and ensure your building’s occupants are more comfortable. Energy management systems can also strengthen your organization’s image.

Warm Up This Winter with Tozer Heating & Air’s Rental and Financing Options

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

According to National Geographic, as far as countries go, Canada is pretty much the coldest. It vies only with Russia for first place as the chilliest nation in the world.

On that cheerful note: how ready are you for Old Man Winter this year?

Clear the Air: HEPA Filtrations For Your Home

Going through more boxes of tissue than you’d like? Poor indoor air quality – thanks to things like pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mould spores – could be to blame.

At Tozer, we care about the air you breathe, so we offer our clients high-efficiency particulate air filtration (HEPA filtration) to improve your home’s overall indoor air quality.

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